Our staffing is composed of medical physicians, social workers, health educators, pre-med students and volunteers, all dedicated to your health and compassionate health care. Interested in joining our team of student volunteers?

Our Staff

Alwyn Cohall, MD, Project STAY Director and Staff Physician 

Renee Cohall, LCSW-R, Director of Outreach 

Christel Hyden, EdD, Director of Research and Evaluation

Nydia Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant 

Kayleigh Barrett, MPH, Project Coordinator 

Natalie Neu, MD, Medical Director

Jason Zucker, MD, Staff Physician 

Stephen Apardi, MD, StaffPhysician  

Joanna Pudil, MA, LCSW, Program Coordinator and Senior Social Worker

Caroline Carnevale, FNP, MPH, Staff Nurse Practitioner 

Andrea Jurgaru, CNP, Staff Nurse Practitioner

Brian Simpson, PrEP Coordinator

Angelica Arache, PrEP Coordinator 

Emma Molina, PrEP Coordinator 

Our Health Educators  

Andrea Abi Karam, Columbia University PreMed PostBac

Olivia Anakwe, Columbia University PreMed PostBac

Kat Christensen, Columbia University PreMed PostBac

Max Grayzel-Ward, Columbia University PreMed PostBac

Julz Greene, Columbia University PreMed PostBac

Anissa Lozano,  Columbia University MPH Candidate 

Rose Monet Little,  Columbia University MPH Candidate 

Juniper Monypenny, Columbia University PreMed PostBac

Elaine Skaggs,  Columbia University MPH Candidate 

Eden Teferi, Columbia University PreMed PostBac

Elaine Tseng, Columbia University MPH Candidate 

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