Our services are free and confidential!

Project STAY offers free sexual health services for youth & young adults living in New York City ages 13-29. Everything we do is confidential and secure.  

HIV & STI testing at community events & organizations!

We are proud to provide free HIV & STI testing to our various community organization partners and events around NYC!

Making an appointment is easy! 

You can make an appointment now by calling or texting us at (646) 245-4000.

622 West 168th St

Vanderbilt Clinic, 3rd Floor 

New York, New York 10032

STAYing dedicated to your
sexual health 

For over 30 years, Project STAY ( Services to Assist Youth) has provided free, confidential, and inclusive health care for thousands of youth in the New York City. Our commitment to providing safe spaces to receive sexual health care continues to be central to everything we do, from the organizations we partner with and the volunteers and staff we employ. 

Our services and resources

A few things Project STAY can provide: 


Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) Testing and Treatment 

STIs are common and can cause serious health problems. You can have one and feel fine. Call us to get checked and if need be, treated!


HIV Testing and Treatment

There are more people living with HIV in NYC than other cities around the country. Some people living with HIV don’t know they have it. Call us to get tested, and if needed, receive treatment in our specialized HIV care program for young adults.


PrEP and PEP

There are more people living with HIV in NYC than other cities in the country. You can prevent yourself from getting HIV by taking PrEP or PEP. Call or text us to find out if one of these is right for you.


Birth Control

You have the right to choose when and if you and your partner would like to get pregnant. We can help provide you with a birth control method that is right for you. We also offer Plan B if an emergency (slip up) arises. 


Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Some people in the Trans community are interested in using hormones to enhance their transitioning. We offer safe and effective hormonal treatment and monitoring. Call or text us to find out more. 


Gender-Affirming Care

Respectfully affirming your gender identity is a core component of our services. You let us know what name and pronouns you would like to use for your medical record. Our staff treats all patients with respect and dignity. Contact us to set up an appointment. 

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About us

Meet Project STAY

Project STAY has been transforming health care and health education for over 25 years, inviting young people across New York City to participate in holistic sexual health services. Knowing the obstacles youth face in seeking sexual and reproductive health care, our team strives to improve access to care and healthy outcomes for people in our community.